These 13 Dog Hair Removal Tools Will Change Your Life


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For animal lovers, pet hair and pet hair removal are just a fact of life. It’s one of those small inconveniences we accept as part of the doggy deal alongside muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor and slobbery kisses when you know exactly where that mouth has been.

My pet family includes two dogs and four cats, so we’re dealing with a whole lot of pet hair on our floors, furniture, and clothing, not to mention car seats and car interiors. After a lifetime of pet parenthood and many years working in doggy daycare, I’ve become somewhat of a snob about dog hair removal tools. This list of tried-and-true dog hair removal tools has something for everyone, from premium appliances to some simple household hacks.

Whether you’re dealing with long hair or short fur, these tools will help you get the best dog fur in your home.

pet hair lint

The classic. Relatively inexpensive and easy to use, the only downside is that these handy rollers don’t stand up to de-hairing the entire living room in one go, and are best suited to small jobs like cleaning off your work clothes on your way out the door.

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Helpful Review: “I don’t think I’ll ever get a full proof solution to the pet hair problem. As soon as it starts to warm up, on cue, my dog and cat immediately start shedding. But between brushing, my upholstery vacuum and this, I manage to keep it under control. It really comes in handy when I need something really quick. I use it on, everything but my carpet, and I love it. It beats everything else I’ve ever bought.”

Looking for a less expensive hack? Sticky tape wrapped around your hand will remove pet hair from carpet, clothes, furniture, and soft surfaces.

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This thing is like a lint roller on steroids, definitely a pet parent must-have. With a 3′ long handle and a giant, super-sticky roller, it works sort of like a duster, only it really traps hair. We like it for furniture, and also for low-pile carpets and rugs. Note that it’s not great for a deeper or shag carpet.

Helpful Review: “The perfect solution for dealing with shedding season! I have mostly hardwood floors and area rugs in my home. This devise is perfect for getting up pet hair from low-pile oriental rugs that a vacuum can’t quite get ahold of. It’s also great on furniture and any other large items in your home that are notorious lint-magnets.”

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grooming glove your pet will love

A dog grooming tool and surface cleaner all in one, this has the added benefit of looking like some kind of science fiction prop. Just pet your dog with the glove to give her a shiny coat, and then pick up stray hair from the furniture with the same petting motion. If you’re a cat owner, this soft mitt will bring on the purring and collect the cat fur in one fell swoop.

Helpful Review: “This de-shedding glove works well. I had to use it every day for about a week before really seeing the benefit. I have a Lab / Shepard mix and she sheds like crazy. After using this product daily for about a week, there is very little shedding going on. I would recommend this to anyone trying to tame the shed!”

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This is my personal favorite dog grooming tool/fur remover brush for quick clean-up around the house.

Two sizes of rubber pet hair capturing bristles are included. Larger bristles can be used to brush your dog’s coat and remove loose fur, and the finer bristles are perfect for brushing hair off upholstery. Plus, it comes in cute colors!

Helpful Review: “Works better than a lint roller, since I don’t have to constantly replace sheets. The lint roller does a better job of getting some of the smaller fibers and hairs, but this is more convenient for my furniture and pre-clothes washing brush downs of clothes.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $9.52

hair removal brush

Rubber brooms like this are a staple in doggy daycare for their strong hair-gathering ability. The sweeper version of the FURemover is effective on several surfaces, so you can de-hair the carpeted living room and the tiled kitchen in one go, and the long handle means you can work the pet hair out of your rugs from a standing position.

After you clean up after your dog, you can use the broom to scrub the bathroom tile or wash the car!

Helpful Review: “This thing just plain works. We got a mature golden retriever last year and were told he didn’t shed. Then in the spring he started shedding badly. We were tired of hair everywhere and somehow I realized that dragging my shoe across the carpet balled the hair up. I found this product on a whim one day and knew it had to be better than my shoe! I ordered it and it was tough at first. The bristles pulled the hair up but then caught the tufts and spread them around. I found that using short quick strokes with the rake turned upside down got the best results. The backside is more like a squeegee and helps pull the hair up in long rolls and keeps the hair in one big pile.”

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This is a cute little dog grooming tool with stiff-but-gentle rubber bristles that remove loose hair and stimulate dogs’ skin for a healthy, shiny coat.

I use ZoomGrooms regularly for gentle brushing, and at bath time to help work shampoo through my dogs’ coats.

Helpful Review: “This collects the fur unlike any other brush. I didn’t have to keep cleaning, it, the fur would stay in the brush until I pulled it out. The “bristles” are massaging my dogs and they love it, even my little Aussie who hates being brushed. It took out so much of the fur from my Golden Retriever and she actually followed me to receive more. It works exceptionally well. Very sturdy and very effective. I will try it for their baths as well.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $12.76


I love a wearable tool, and pet hair removal mitts are affordable and effective for gathering pet hair off of fabric. I don’t know what magic material these gloves are made from, but they have soft have little nubs that pick up pet hair and are easily cleaned by rubbing two mitts together in opposite directions.

Mitts are great for removing hair from more delicate clothing, as the soft material means your clothes won’t be pulled or pilled from abrasion.

Helpful Review: “My little mess makers leave fur all over my upholstery and carpet. This mitt helps lift fuzzies off the sofa that the vacuum leaves behind. Good for a quick tidy when you don’t have time to bring out the vacuum.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $9.97

This lint brush works well for pet hair and everyday cleanup and dusting, too.

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pet supplies dogs small animals birds

The Cadillac of pet hair removal tools, and my fantasy appliance, the Dyson Animal has powerful suction and best of all, a tangle-free turbine tool to remove dirt and hair from carpets and upholstery.

There are other competent pet hair vacuums on the market, but this bad boy is the dream.

Helpful Review: “This vacuum is amazing! Bought this vacuum in 2013 and it is still working. Everything is about this vacuum is good! I love that it’s light. I can carry it up and down my stairs with no problem! The cords are long, so I don’t need to keep unplugging the cord and finding another outlet to plug it in. Buying this vacuum is worth the money! you will be happy you did.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $599.99

furniture hair remover

The Rotator is a quality everyday vacuum that gets the job done, and it’s often on sale for less than $190. If you’re not ready to splurge on a Dyson, the Shark Rotator is the vacuum for you.

Though it’s not billed as being specifically for pet hair cleanup, it gets rave reviews from pet owners for its hair-annihilating properties. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and easy to clean (I speak from experience: this is a major plus when you’re talking clouds of pet hair!)

Helpful Review: “So I got this today and gave it a quick run on a recently vacuumed carpet. It worked pretty well and overall build quality seems good. I’m coming from a Dyson Pet & Allergy model which recently died. I’m looking forward to getting quite a bit of use out of this unit.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $179.27

gentle deshedding brush

If the Dyson Pet is the Cadillac of pet hair vacuum cleaners, then this is the Porsche of dog grooming tools: compact, powerful, efficient, and worth every penny.

The Furminator helps keep your dog’s coat in great shape and reduces shedding by removing loose fur from the undercoat before it has a chance to hit your furniture. Used appropriately on the right dog, it can help prevent excess hair mess and minimize your need for other tools on this list.

Helpful Review: “I will never be without a Furminator ever again, it’s an absolute must-have in my grooming regimen. I have a 45-lb Australian Shepherd and an 18-lb Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whose long hair would be a nightmare to deal with without my trusty Furminator.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $24.99

I can’t get over how adorable this hair roller’s design is. You won’t have to deal with replacing adhesive rolls because this pet hair roller employs a patented brush system. With gentle back and forth rolls, you’ll collect pet hair in an easy-to-empty dust receptacle. Bonus: this product doubles as a lint remover!

Helpful Review: “I have two big German Shepherds who constantly shed and who like being up on my couches. I use this roller brush just about every day to pick up excess fur. It works really well and it’s easy to clean. For me, it was a good purchase and gets the job done without me having to lug the vacuum out to clean off the dog hair.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $27.95

You’ve got to hand it to the manufacturer for telling it straight on the packaging: “It’s not pretty, but it works!” You can use this handheld, sponge-like pet hair remover tool to clean up pet hair in hard to access places like the back seats in your car or the corners of a couch. Reviewers rave about how effective this product is.

Helpful Review: “YES it works!! Between my rubber glove wipe down and Fur-Zoff I’m absolutely hair-free in 15 minutes.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $10.99

Here it is, the unbelievable, incredible, household object life hack that will make pet hair cleanup a breeze: a plain old rubber glove.

Put on a pair of basic grocery store dish gloves, get them just-barely-damp (or even go dry), and go to town on your fur-covered sofa, rug, or pants.

Buy Now on Amazon for $4.66

This video will give you a quick demonstration of how it works:

If you’re anything like me, at a certain point you just roll over and accept the dog hair that creeps onto every surface in your home. Still, it’s helpful to have a toolbox to turn to when cleaning time rolls around.

More Pet Hair Removal Tools

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