Daredevil Steve-O’s Rescue Dog from Peru Now a Certified Service Dog and Therapy Dog


You may remember this story from last year, but the update is so heartwarming we had to bring it back!

While in Peru filming a mountain climbing adventure for TV, former ‘Jackass’ star and thrill-seeker Steve-O decided to meet the local street dogs. He didn’t count on falling in love.

When Steve-O met a beautiful German shepherd mix, he felt an immediate connection. Named Wendy, the dog was given a hot bath, full veterinary care, and then accompanied the film crew on their mountain climbing mission.

Steve-O Falls in love with a street dog on a Peruvian adventure

In the year Wendy has been in the US with Steve-Os family, she has accomplished so much. She gained internet fame thanks to the video above, and has been certified as both a service dog and a therapy dog.

Wendy splits her time between accompanying Steve around the world, visiting kids at hospitals, and just being a cherished member of the family. Check it out:

Way to go Wendy! You are amazing. Check out the video below, and follow Wendy from Peru on Instagram for more fun.

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