The Ultimate Guide to Getting Cozy With Your Dog (and Cat)


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The days are getting shorter, the air is crisp, and depending on where you live, the leaves are starting to turn. While this may mean chilly morning walks or earlier evening walks, it also means it’s time to get cozy with your furry best friend.

Our ultimate guide to a cozy dog covers everything from cozy blankets and clothes for your dog (and cat) to cozy items for you and cozy essentials for your home.

So, settle in with a hot cup of tea, your favorite blanket, and, of course, your pet, and enjoy getting cozy.

Cozy Dog and Cat Essentials

Is your dog resisting leaving the warm bed for their morning walk? We have some great essentials to help keep them warm and comfortable in cool weather.

A dog wearing a hooded sweatshirt

Dog Hoodies
These cozy dog hoodies are perfect for chilly walks or evenings spent around the fire pit.

A kitten wearing a camo sweater

Sweaters for Cats
Do you have a sphinx or an older cat that has trouble with the cold? We have a selection of cat sweaters for your warmth-loving feline.

Cozy Dog Beds
Warm, soft, and made for snoozing, these cozy dog beds help your dog enjoy quiet nights by the fire with these plush beds.

A cat in a round cozy cave cat bed

Comfy Cat Beds
While cats can sleep almost anywhere, they do prefer their own soft spot to hide away from the world.

A man drinks coffee with his cozy cat


Cozy Essentials for Humans

We get it. Cold dark mornings make getting out of bed tough for humans too. Why not keep warm while showing off your unique connection to your pet?

Here are some comfy, warm, pet-positive essentials to make your day cozy and fun.

A family and dog wearing matching sweaters

Dog and Owner Matching Sweaters
Not just for the holidays, these warm matching sweaters are great for the whole family.

A woman wearing a cozy cat sweater

Cat Sweaters (For Humans!)
Show your cat love with these fun sweaters featuring felines of all kinds. There are many options for men, women, and kids.

A woman looks at her phone in bed with her cozy dog


Cozy Human and Dog Home Essentials

A Boston terrier relaxes on a cozy bed

Dog-Proof Bedding
Hair-resistant and easy to clean, these bedding options are a must for any dog owner that loves cuddling their best friend from the comfort of their bed.

A cartoon pug from a cozy dog sheet set

Cozy Dog Sheets
Interested in cozy sheets that feature dogs? We have a fun collection of sheets made for cuddling your pup.

A mug that says dog mom

Dog Mom (And Dad) Mugs
Sip your favorite fall beverage from a mug that tells the world you love your dog. Or all dogs. Or dog puns.

Woman sitting with dog reading in cafe

Top Books with Dogs in Them
What’s a comfortable afternoon without a book? Check out these new and classic books, all with a dog in them.

pumpkin pie dog cookies

Cozy Dog Treat Recipes

Show how much you care, and make your house smell amazing, with these fall-themed treats! (Cat lovers, we have you covered too.)

A maple leaf-shaped dog cookie

Pumpkin Pie Dog Cookies
Made with dog-safe spices and healthy pumpkin, these dog cookies are fall personified.

Dog apple pie bites

Apple Pie Bites for Dogs
Warm, lightly sweet, and safe for your dog, these fun apple pie bites are a great way to celebrate Fall.

Chicken Pot Pie Dog TreatsA small stack of pot pie dog treats

Savory and crunchy, this dog treat recipe combines all the flavors of a tummy-warming chicken pot pie into a tasty cookie.

Homemade Bone Broth for Dogs
Bone broth is not only healthy but easy to make using an instant pot. Don’t have a pressure cooker? We have an oven version too.

A couple cuddles a small dog

Making the Most of Cozy Time With Your Pet

You can deck your pet out in fuzzy sweaters, and drink as many pumpkin spice beverages as you want, but it isn’t really cozy without the warmth of love.

Learn more about how to connect with your pet, and how they like to connect with you.

Say “I Love You” in Dog LanguageA woman kissing a beagle

Spoiler alert: naps and cuddles are two ways mentioned. Learn how dogs interpret our actions and how we can let them know how much they’re cared for.

A smiling golden retriever

How Your Dog Says, “I Love You”
Sure dogs are affectionate creatures, but do they love us as much as we love them? Learn more.

A cat licking a human hand

How Cats Show They Love You
Many cat owners have wondered if their cat loves them as much as they love them. Learn more about how cats let us know they love us.

A cozy pug in a lap

Best Lap Dogs
What’s the point of being cozy if your dog isn’t into it? Here are the snuggliest dog breeds for maximum cuddles.

A cozy cat relaxes on a bed

Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me?
The answer to this age-old question may surprise you.

A dog cuddles into blankets

17 Dogs Getting Cozy
Having trouble getting into a cozy mood? These 17 dogs are ready for a cuddly time.

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