Bulldog Puppy Meets His Idol ⁠— the University of Georgia Bulldog Mascot [Video]


A six month old bulldog puppy named Kirby met the University of Georgia’s costumed mascot ‘Hairy Dawg‘ at a football game and fell so deeply in love.

Kirby meets his idol Hairy Dawg

The puppy tries to go for a kiss under the mask to no avail, and almost manages to pull Hairy’s gloves off!

Kirby with mom Martha

Kirby was at the pre-game event with his mo Martha Roehkel, a big UGA fan. Who was tickled to hear of Kirby’s internet fame.

Kirby also got to meet WWE’s Rick Flare during the ESPN Gameday show

The sweet video took place at the ‘Countdown to GameDay‘ ESPN show filming on the campus before the game with Notre Dame this year.

Uga I and Uga X

The University of Georgia has a four-legged bulldog mascot named Uga and has a legacy of Ugas dating all the way back to 1956. The current Uga is the tenth to hold the name.

Hat Tip: AJC

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