Adorable Frenchie Can’t Resist Borking Back at Tuba


Freddie the Frenchie has a lot to say. Recently when his dad Ryan was warming up on the tuba for a performance with the L Train Brass Band, Freddie couldn’t resist the urge to sass him back!

Leigh and Ryan adopted Freddie through Snort Rescue, a non-proft that focuses on caring for and rehoming brachycephalic dogs in need in the northeast.

I’m with the band

When he’s not performing a duet with the tuba, you can find Freddie playing with his favorite soccer ball, going to work with mom, and hanging out with his best friend, Doug.

Doug and Freddie, BFFs

Freddie has his own amazing theme song, sung by Alison Stauver. You can here it on Freddies stories. With a head like a cantaloupe and a soul made of ice cream? I love it.

Wanna sass mom so bad

Freddie’s favorite foods include strawberries and the occasional piece of popcorn. Can you blame him? Delicious.

Carrots are good too!

In an emergency, your favorite toy can be used as a pillow.

Soccer ball snuggles

Follow Freddie the Freeloader on Instagram for more sass, brass, and Frenchie class.

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