Rescue Cat Cannot Be Contained — Lets Shelter Buddies Out to Roam at Night


Meet Quilty, the bad boy cat of Friends for Life Animal Rescue of Houston, TX. This spicy boy is going viral for his naughty habit of letting himself and his roommates out all day and night. That’s right — this clever cat opens doors!

While not enjoying a midnight frolic with his buds, Quilty enjoys petting, naps, and furiously trying to dig his way through doors and windows, earning him the indecorous nickname “spicy a hole” from his captors the shelter staff.

A legend is born

Not only can he open the people door of the senior cat common room, but he can also get out of every kennel they’ve put him in. He’s also very good at shadowing a human out the door with his maximum level stealth. He’s basically the feline Houdini.

The walk of shame

The team at Friends for Life was quick to set Quilty up with an Instagram account once their original post started reaching national attention with a hope that he finds his forever home soon! Adoption info available here

So spicy — so trapped

Friends for Life team has also set up a store selling #FreeQuilty shirts. Proceeds will go back to the non-profit of course. Check out Quilty’s quality shirts here.


Previous owners say he’s good with dogs. By which they meant he let the dogs in and out of the house at will. What a legend. We hope Quilty finds his forever freedom home soon!

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