Hero Cat Shows Kids How Easy and Cool It Is to Wear Glasses


We share lots of stories about dogs with jobs on the blog, but have you ever seen a dog do this? When it’s time for a child’s first pair of glasses or an eye patch, Truffles happily demonstrates how easy (and cool) they are to wear, and takes the stress and anxiety out of what can be a scary experience for young kids.

When Danielle Crull first adopted Truffles, she started her with basic tricks like shaking hands and sitting on command. Truffles found basic trick training so easy, Danielle thought training her to wear glasses might be a neat trick, too, and the rest is history.

Danielle is a master optician and runs a special shop that specializes in glasses just for kids called A Child’s Eyes. The store is designed with a small clientele in mind, featuring kid-sized furniture, bright and colorful displays, and of course, Truffles herself.

Truffles comes to the office every day and can be found lending her kitty glitter (cat hair) to every office chair in the office and supervising the comings and goings from the front desk. When Danielle calls her name, Truffles comes running to show off her tricks — and earn a few treats.

Truffles is going viral with news stories hitting across the country and
Danielle hopes all the media attention will encourage parents and opticians to share the videos with their kids and help them be comfortable with their new glasses even if they can’t be in the office with Truffles in person.

Follow Truffles and her optician family on Facebook and Instagram for more cool and educational videos.

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