Coyote Vests for Dogs: Hilarious Yet Lifesaving


Looking to add a little punk rock flair to your pup’s ensemble? Surprisingly, a coyote vest may be just the thing for them (and their wardrobe), particularly if you live in a part of the country where being attacked by wild animals is a real threat for your canine.

These incredible vests from CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor have caught the eye of many across the country lately—one pup who was rocking the look even developed a gigantic social media following (shout out to Beanie). Maybe it’s the colorful bristles or the daunting spikes, but whatever it is, it seems to be helping when it comes to protecting the little guy.

Curious about how and why these vests were developed in the first place? On their website, the company’s CEO, Paul Mott, shares the heartbreaking story about how his own little pup was snatched by a coyote right before his family’s eyes.

Without any time to react (or any really tools to help them stop the attack), their dog was quickly killed and carried away. Though they weren’t able to save their dog Buffy, the situation did inspire Paul to try and prevent this tragedy from happening to another family’s beloved pet.

Still a little confused about what exactly these vests are? Stick with us while we offer up some information about this unique product—and we’ll let you decide for yourself whether this is necessary for you and your adventurous pup.

Why Does My Dog Need One & How Do They Work?

For some reason, coyote attacks seems to be occurring with more regularity, and they’re not just happening way out in the wild either—they’re starting to occur closer to largely populated towns and cities as well.

In fact, according to Stanley Gehrt, an urban-coyote researcher at Ohio State University, quoted in The Atlantic, “Coyotes have been common in residential areas for a while now. In the last 10 years, they’ve increased dramatically in almost all major cities.”

Plus, coyotes aren’t the only predators that dog-lovers need to worry about when it comes to protecting their animals. Other threats also exist, including bobcats, hawks (which can straight-up grab small dogs and carry them away), and even other large, aggressive dogs that are roaming free.

Not every canine is going to need to rock one of these vests, but here are some reasons why your pup may be a good candidate:

  • Your dog is on the small size.
  • Your pup loves to venture off into the wilderness regularly.
  • Your dog (and you) live somewhere where coyote attacks are more common (the desert, rural areas, where you hear frequent reports of coyote attacks, etc.)
  • Your dog has some serious style.

Via Coyote Vests

As for how they work, it’s pretty simple. The vests use a variety of techniques to throw off any predators—including an LCD blinker, a bite-activated shock device, bunches of colorful wires that stand up on the vests, and other accessories that can be added, like stab-resistant shields and super spiked collars.

All of these things make it difficult for your pup to be grabbed by the mouth or claws of a predator, without seriously injuring (or at least annoying) them in some way. Plus, the bristle adds volume to small dogs, which means coyotes are less likely to want to tangle with them.

The vests are designed to be lightweight and comfortable for pets, so they shouldn’t even mind their new attire. In fact, I’m pretty sure they feel pretty spiffy when they’re sporting those extra splashes of color.

The American Kennel Club has other suggestions for how to protect your four-legged buddy from coyotes, but even they acknowledge that these vests are an ingenious way to keep wild predators at bay.

Where Can I Find One?

Now that we’ve covered the who, what, and why of these coyote vests, maybe you’re ready to purchase a fancy one for your own pooch—so, where do you find one?

Your first stop should probably be with the original, CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor. This is the OG guy who invented them (who we mentioned earlier), so it makes sense to visit his online store.

There are also plenty of places where you can peruse the merchandise and shop in person—and luckily a map of retail partners is provided on the Coyote Vest website. They tend to start at around $100 each (not counting whatever accessories you want to add on), but sometimes peace of mind is worth a little extra cash.

There are also a few other Coyote-repelling products you can try. We found a couple on Amazon, like this Raptor Shield Pet Protection Vest.

But our hearts have really been stolen by the original Coyote Vests. And regardless of how silly you may think your buddy looks while rockin’ this vest—it can be a lifesaving option for them.

Want to hear about more tips for keeping your pups safe? We’ve included some links below that might strike your fancy.

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