Chef Henry The Pom’s Recipe For Homemade Dog Pill Pockets [VIDEO]

(Picture Credit: Chef Henry and DogTime)

Does your dog hate taking pills? Well don’t worry because our friend Chef Henry the Pom has a pill pocket recipe that will help your pup take their medicine.

A pill pocket is a tasty treat that can hide your dog’s meds and make them more appealing. Your pup gets to wolf down a yummy snack and likely won’t even realize the pill is inside!

It’s easy to make this recipe for homemade dog pill pockets. Follow along with Chef Henry in the video above, or take a look at the full instructions below.

Our thanks to Chef Henry and Kiera, a twelve-year-old Pug who helped out on the video. If your dog is ill, then we hope your pup feels better soon!

Do you ever have to hide your dog’s pill so they’ll take their medicine? Got any tips or pill pocket recipes of your own for other pet parents? Let us know in the comments below!

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