85 Ingenious Cat Names That Start with I


Choosing the right name is one of the best parts of bringing a new kitty home. Some pet parents choose to keep it short and sweet with a name like Izzy, Iggy, or Ike. Others, like my truly quirky friend Erin, choose to go the opposite direction and named her new kitten (I swear this is a true story) Fuzzy Dumpling Colonel Mustard Butter Crunch Pickle Back Farnsworth Future Pants Tube Goldberg Boots Toast Jr.

What does FDCMBCPBFFPTGBTJ go by for short? That was my first question, too. Turns out it’s a cute little “I” name: Iffy.

Whether you choose a romantic name like Iolantha (violet flower) or Ingmar (angel-raven), or a perky short name like Ivo or Inky, “I” names run the gamut from classic Norse mythology to pop music icons. 

To help out on your search for the perfect name for your cat, I scanned Rover’s cat name database and other popular options to create 85 irresistible cat names that start with “I”. My vote goes to Inigo Montoya (and his littermate Princess Buttercup) of The Princess Bride fame. 

Popular Male Cat Names That Start with “I”

  • Iago: the villain of Shakespeare’s Othello
  • Ian: Scottish form of John, derived from the Hebrew name Yohanan
  • Ibrahim: Arabic form of Abraham, Hebrew, “father of multitudes”
  • Ibsen: a famous Norwegian writer
  • Icarus: the mythological figure famous for flying too close to the sun
  • Ichabod: Hebrew, “the glory is gone”
  • Idris: an Arabic name of Welsh origin “lord; studious”
  • Ignacio: Latin, “fiery”
  • Igor: Old Norse, “warrior”
  • Ike: Hebrew, “laughter”
  • Iker: Basque, “visitation”
  • Ilya: Russian form of Elijah “the Lord is my God” 
  • Immanuel: Hebrew, “God Is With Us”
  • Imran: Arabic, “exalted nation,” “prosperity,” and “happiness”
  • Ing:  Norse god
  • Ingmar: Norse, “son of god Ing”
  • Ingo: German, “protected by Yngvi”
  • Ingram: German, “angel-raven”
  • Iolo: Welsh diminutive of Edward “wealthy guardian” pronounced YO-LO
  • Irvin: Scottish “handsome, fair of face”
  • Isaac: Hebrew, “laughter”
  • Isaiah: Hebrew, “Salvation of the Lord”
  • Ismael: Biblical patriarch of the Arabs
  • Ivan: Russian form of John “God is gracious”
  • Ivar: Norse, “yew wood, archer” — also a Seattle seafood destination
  • Ives: English, “yew wood”
  • Ivo: German, “yew wood, archer”
  • Ivor or Ifor: Welsh, ”archer”
  • Izaiah: Hebrew, “Salvation of the Lord”

Popular Female Cat Names That Start with “I”

  • Ianthe: a purple flower name, chosen by the poet Shelley for his daughter
  • Ida: German, “industrious one”
  • Idra: Aramaic, “fig tree”
  • Ignacia: Latin, “fiery”
  • Ila: French, “from the island”
  • Iliana: Hebrew, “oak tree”
  • Ilka: Hungarian, diminutive of Ilona
  • Ilona: Greek, “bright, shining light”
  • Ilsa: the radiant but tragic heroine of “Casablanca”
  • Ima: Japanese, “present, now”
  • Imani: Arabic, meaning “to be faithful”
  • Imelda: German, “all-consuming fight”
  • Imogen: Celtic, “maiden”
  • Inez: Spanish form of Agnes, “pure, virginal”
  • Inga: Norse, “guarded by the god Ing”
  • Ingrid: Norse, “fair, beautiful”
  • Iola: Greek, “violet”
  • Iolantha: Greek, “violet flower”
  • Ione: Greek, “a violet-colored stone”
  • Iphigenia: Greek, “of royal birth”
  • Irene: Greek goddess of peace
  • Iris: Greek, “rainbow”
  • Irma: German, diminutive of several names, meaning “universal, complete”
  • Isabeau: wife of King Charles VI of France
  • Isabel: Isabela, Isabell, Isabelle, Isobel, Izabella: Variation of Elizabeth, “pledged to God”
  • Isadora: Greek, “gift of Isis”
  • Isis: Egyptian, “throne”
  • Isla: Spanish, “Island”
  • Ismay: French, “esteemed, beloved”
  • Isuelt: Irish, “ice ruler”
  • Itzayana: Variation of Itzel, Mesoamerican
  • Itzel and  Ixchel.: Mesoamerican languages, meanings include “moon goddess” and “she of the rainbow”
  • Ivy: English, “ivy plant”

Gender-neutral Cat Names That Start with “I”

  • Ib: common name in Denmark, short for Jacob
  • Iggy: Latin, “fiery”
  • Ignacious: Latin, “fiery”
  • Iman: Arabic, “to be faithful”
  • India: a place name
  • Indiana: a place name, made famous by Indiana Jones
  • Indie: a version of the place name India
  • Indigo: a flower/color name
  • Indy: short version of Indiana or Independent
  • Inigo Montoya: short for Ignacio or Ignacious, and always on the lookout for the six-fingered man
  • Inky: a cute name for a spotted cat
  • Ira: Hebrew, “watchful”
  • Israel: a place name, a biblical name of Jacob, Hebrew “God contended”
  • Ivory: a color and place name (Ivory Coast), made famous by Keenan Ivory Wayans
  • Izzy: multipurpose nickname more Isolde, Isabel, Isaac, Israel, and more

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