A Clear Look at the Best Dog Eye Wash

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As a dog owner, you’ve probably encountered plenty of eye gunk and tear stains on your dog. Often a swipe with a clean, damp washcloth (never fingers or cotton balls) will do the trick. But for more stubborn stains—or even eye irritation—there are some over-the-counter solutions. We’ve rounded up some of the best dog eye washes to address eye issues.

Eye infections are serious and require the immediate attention of a vet, so check in with yours for persistent eye issues. When it comes to infection prevention, it’s best to have a regular dog grooming routine that includes cleaning and trimming hair, which impacts your pup’s eye health as well as their overall health. Eye washes are a great addition to your at-home grooming kit, but you may want to have treats nearby, as drops and gentle cleansing around the eyes may take some getting used to.

Check out our picks for the best dog eye wash options below.

The Best Dog Eye Washes

Ark Naturals Eyes So Bright Gentle Cleanser

Made in the USA, this herbal dog eye wash can be used daily to gently clean irritated or crusty eyes with a natural formula containing echinacea, aloe, and goldenseal.

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Nutri-Vet dog eye rinse

This dog eye wash solution is formulated with boric acid, an ingredient often used in soothing irritated eyes in people. Not only does the wash work against debris and irritations, but regular use can help eliminate tear stains, as well.

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Miracle Care sterile eye wash pads for dogs and cats

Sometimes, eye wash pads are the best way to quickly and conveniently get near your dog’s eyes. Gently wipe away debris and infection-causing bacteria with a swipe of each pre-soaked pad.

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TropiClean Spa tear stain cleanser for dogs

This dog eye wash uses natural ingredients to tackle those tear stains. Oatmeal is soothing and helps hydrate different skin types as it cleanses. Other gentle elements include vanilla, ginger, and white tea to help keep dogs calm and rest easy on their peepers.

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Vetericyn Plus antimicrobial ophthalmic pet gel

There won’t be any stinging eyes with this bottle! Antibiotic-free, this dog eye gel is safe to use on all your pets, big and small, short and tall. Use this formula to help ease eye irritation or as preventative maintenance.

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Tomlyn Opticlear dog eye wash

Flush irritated eyes safely with this solution that’s pH-balanced to resemble tear fluid, so it’s less likely to sting. The sterile dog eye wash can help soothe itchiness while also assisting in eliminating dog hair, dust, and other culprits.

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Need Dog Grooming?

Now you’ve got a handle on the best dog eye washes—but is your dog ready for a haircut, nail trim, or other services for their wellness? Rover offers dog grooming services right in your own home; learn more about them here. Also check out more of our best tips, tricks, and tools on pet health and grooming below.

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