Wash Up With These Dog Shower Heads

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We can’t all shell out for our dog to have their own personal shower (although they’re pretty neat). A more budget-friendly, and often conveniently portable, option is to get a dog shower head instead.

Grooming at home has its advantages, including helping dogs who may be anxious about the process feel a little more comfortable. A dog shower head is a fantastic tool in your home grooming collection, and there’s a large variety from which to choose: some attachments can connect indoors to showers as well as outside to hose connections; others are made for sink faucets; still others are self-contained and don’t need to attach to anything but a body of water. There’s very little fuss or cleanup involved, leaving you free to spend more quality time bonding with your best fur buddy.

When purchasing a dog shower head, keep your dog’s size and the item’s ability to connect to a water source in your chosen location in mind. Also, note that sprayers are generally not meant for use on puppies under 12 weeks, or for pregnant or nursing dogs. Always check with your vet if you have questions.

The Best Dog Shower Heads

The next time your dog needs their regular bath, takes a roll in the mud or, heaven forbid, develops a flea problem, spray them down with their very own dog shower head attachment. Read on for our picks.

Rinse Ace three-way dog shower head

Easy to connect to your indoor shower, this dog sprayer head has three different pressure settings so you can lightly clean delicate areas or full blast muddy fur. The attachment comes with a connector and an 8-foot hose so there’s lots of maneuvering room. There’s also a faucet version for smaller animals.

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ConairPro Dog Deluxe pet washer

Your dog can take a shower indoors or out with this shower head that comes with two connectors and two spray settings—full body and cone shape curtain. A detachable rubber-nubbed face helps with shampoo scrubbing—or just giving your anxious bather a nice massage.

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Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro dog shower head

Come bath time, attach this dual pressure device to your bathroom shower or outside garden hose. The curved wand shape is especially effective for furry friends with super thick hair and. In addition to adapters and a hose, this dog shower head also comes with a suction cup hook, so you can hang it up when you need both hands.

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Aquapaw pet shower head

It’s a shower head and bathing glove for your dog all in one! Strap this rubber-bristled sprayer on your hand and scrub on; it’s adaptable for the tub or the yard. A button built right into the shower head means you can easily click the water flow on and off.

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dog being bathed outside under Ivation portable handheld shower head

Take your dog’s bath on the road with this portable shower head kit. There’s a water filter at the end of the hose; just put it in a tub of water or other water source and bathe your dog for up to 60 minutes. A suction cup hook is included for convenience. The rechargeable battery connects via USB to your most convenient power source.

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Wondurdog Deluxe Indoor/Outdoor dog shower head kit

This dog shower head is made with a stainless steel hose, making it a durable choice for both indoor or outdoor bath time. Rubber teeth scrub fur clean while built-in valves on the connectors control water pressure. (Note that’s on the deluxe version, shown here. There are additional Wondurdog sprayers, including a shower head for sinks and smaller dogs.) The splash shield helps keep the water where it belongs—on your dog!

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Need Dog Grooming?

Does your dog need cleanup above and beyond your at-home bath skills? Rover offers dog grooming services right in your home. Learn more here. And check out the articles below for more pet grooming tools and info.

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