Healthy Kitten Treats Your Little Furball Will Pounce On

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Kitten treats are great for training your little furball, introducing new toys and experiences, or simply adding fun to your kitten’s playtime. And, of course, It’s tempting to give your kitten treats just as a reward for being so darn cute.

Keep in mind that kitten treats are best dispensed in moderation. According to WebMD, treats should make up no more than 10% of your cat’s daily calorie intake.

Fortunately, some kitten treats are great for a growing cat’s health—packed with healthy protein and low in calories. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they need certain nutrients—like taurine and vitamin B12—that are available only from animal protein. So when choosing treats for your kitten, look for tasty protein-based bites that are formulated especially for cats.

Your Best Bets for Kitten Treats

To give your kitten get a healthy and enjoyable start on life, check out some of these nutritious kitten treats. From crunchy bites to lickable pastes (and even crunchy freeze-dried minnows), you’re sure to find something that will delight your kitten.

Kittles kitten treats

These kitten-sized crunchy salmon treats help clean your kitten’s teeth. They’re less than two calories per treat, and free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Want variety? Kittles come in other flavors including chicken, tuna, duck, and turkey, all in 2-ounce or 6-ounce bags.

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Kitty Cravings treats

Made in the USA with salmon as the first ingredient, Kitty Cravings are a great treat choice to get your kitten purring. And if fish isn’t a favorite for your cat, check out the chicken and turkey treats.

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Inaba lickable kitten treats

If your kitten is a little shy, these tubes of deliciousness may entice them to come out of their shell! Churu purées come in a squeezable packet that’s perfect for doling out dabs as a wonderful reward, a food topper, or a great way to entice your kitten to eat mix-in medications. The tuna and salmon flavor treats are available in packs of four or 24 5-ounce tubes.

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Buddy Biscuit kitten treats

Chicken is the first ingredient in these tender kitten treats. They have no artificial flavors or colors. The soft texture means you can easily break them into pieces for small kitten mouths. These come in 3-ounce, resealable bags for convenience.

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Best Paw salmon bites

It doesn’t get much healthier than 100% salmon! These flaky fish kitten treats have just one ingredient: human-grade, wild-caught Alaskan salmon. Made in the USA, they’re a high-value bite perfect for kitten training. And the dog can have one, too.

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Greenies Smartbites treats

Greenies aren’t just for hiding pills! The folks who make the delicious pill pockets and dental chews also make these Smartbites treats that include ingredients like fish oil and ground flaxseed to promote healthy skin and fur. The two-calorie kitten treats (made in Canada) have a crunchy exterior and a moist, savory center.

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Vital Essentials freeze-dried minnows

It doesn’t get more natural than these: They are what the bag says: little fish, freeze-dried, and served up whole. You’ll likely see your kitten play with these little fish before devouring them. Check other Vital Essentials freeze-dried treats too, made with rabbit, chicken giblets, duck liver, chicken breast, chicken hearts, wild salmon, and ahi tuna.

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Cat-Man-Doo bonito flakes

Walk through any fish market in Japan and you’ll see barrels of dried bonito (tuna) flakes, to be used in savory sauces and garnishes. Cat-Man-Doo brings these bonito flakes, which are high protein with zero additives or preservatives, to your little koneko. Tuna is a natural source of taurine, essential for your kitten’s health. Few cats (or dogs) can resist!

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Wellness Core shreds treats

This gravy-rich food topper isn’t marketed as a treat, but we’ve discovered it works like one! If your kitty is exploring textures and flavors, you can entice and reward them with a little spoonful of this all-natural snack. It’s made with just three healthy ingredients: chicken, chicken broth, and water. If your kitten loves wet food, this will be the perfect treat.

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Crumps' Naturals beef liver treats

Some cats go just crazy over this newest flavor of Crumps’ Naturals! Treat your kitten to these bite-sized morsels of freeze-dried beef liver to add some tasty protein and variety to their diet. They’re made in Canada with North American-sourced beef.

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Tiki Cat Stix treats

Mousse for a kitty? Ooh-la-la! These grain-free, creamy, lickable treats come in individual packets (in packs of six or 12) for freshness, and they come in several flavors, including duck, salmon, chicken.

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Blue Buffalo treats

If your kitten is a crunch monster, they’ll go wild for this treat. Inspired by wild-cat diets, it features chicken as the first ingredient. These small dry treats are easy to dispense and perfect for training rewards. Try them out in the 2-ounce bag, or get the 12-ounce jar for convenience.

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Want to Train Your Kitten With Treats?

When it comes to training a kitten (or cat), motivation is the key. Some cats are driven by the opportunity to play with a toy. Others live for praise. Then you have the kitties that will do just about anything for a treat. This PetMD article has lots of tips from cat behaviorists, including this one: “The best time to train your cat is right before mealtime, when your cat is most motivated by food.” Makes perfect sense!

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