Outside the Box: Sleek Cat Furniture for Apartments and Small Spaces

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Cat furniture specially designed for small spaces will delight your kitty without cramping your style or cluttering up your home. Our survey of cat trees, cat hammocks, cat beds, litter boxes, and litter enclosures turned up some sleek cat furniture for apartments.

The idea, of course, is to give you cat some nifty places to lounge, play, sleep, and use their litter boxes without having your apartment look like a pet supply store. Keep an eye out for streamlined designs and easy-to-maintain materials that will hold up to wear.

And, of course, make sure the furniture and items you use to furnish your space are safe for your kitty. (Dr. Claire Walther of Zoetis Petcare gives some tips on how to make sure your apartment is cat-safe.)

Now, let’s go shopping!

The Best Cat Furniture for Apartments

Cat Trees

A cat tree is the essential piece of cat furniture for apartments. A good cat tree includes a scratchable base, a sheltered napping area, and some open platforms that give the cat a good view of the outdoors or the rest of the home. A great cat tree will stack all of this functionality onto a small but stable base. We found three trees that fit the bill—which also blend in with modern and contemporary decor. A high-quality tree will stand up to your cat’s play for several years—so you won’t have to put broken cat trees out on the curb every year.

Vesper cat tree for apartments

Over four feet high, this modern and minimalist cat tree comes in several color combos, including black and tan, walnut, and oak. Sisal-wrapped legs provide multiple scratching opportunities, and three platform perches, each with a skid-resistant topper, provide for endless non-skid jumping and pouncing. A cozy cubby to nap in and a dangling ball toy both sweeten the deal. The base is a space-saving 22 by 22 inches.

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Sebastian modern cat tree, white

Your cat can be a bookstore cat! This modern cat tree, available in black or white, doubles as shelving for books. The lower levels have scratching pads, and you can add a cat bed. The tower is 67 inches high, with a modest 22-by-22-inch base.

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cats reclining on Refined Feline cat furniture for apartments

Made of sturdy plywood with oak veneer, the 69-inch-high Lotus Cat Tower can stand up to the energetic antics of apartment-dwelling cats. With scratching surfaces, lounging pads, and a cave to hide out in, the tower gives your kitty plenty to do with only a 20-square-inch footprint.

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Cat Bed Furniture for Apartments

Cat beds don’t have to look like a boring fleece oval (though we like a few that do). Your cat is likely to enjoy one of the new felted wool pods or a pet bed that mimics your sofa.

cat peeking out of Earthtone bed furniture for apartments

This elegant felted wool cat “cave” is the perfect apartment furniture for cats who like to curl up and get cozy. These beds are handmade in Nepal using wool from New Zealand. You can also flatten it and let your cat use it as a thick, snuggly mat instead.

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Enchanted Home sofa-style cat furniture for apartments

If you think you can get your cat to sleep on their own sofa instead of yours, Enchanted Home has the high-quality apartment furniture for cats that you’ll want to try out. This elevated Snuggle Sofa has a 17-by-11-inch sleeping cushion and a 27-by-15-inch frame. The cushion cover is machine washable and the rest of the upholstery can be spot cleaned.

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NestEgg side table and cat bed

If your cat is treating your sink like furniture, maybe it’s time to get a side table your cat will think is a sink. The NestEgg, which comes in white and black, is a perfect piece of multi-use cat furniture for an apartment or small space. Place your books on the table, store some cat toys in the plastic pod.

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cat in Best Friends by Sheri round shag bed

If you’re going to devote space on your apartment floor, table, or desk to cat furniture you can’t go wrong with this bed in terms of contemporary style and good looks. The reviews are stellar—though the bottom of the bed is not thick, people report that their cats love the support of the big side bolsters. The shaggy outside cover is removable and machine washable. The 23-by-23-inch small bed should work for most cats, but if your kitty is a sprawler, try a medium.

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Cat Perch Furniture for Apartments

Somewhere in between the full-on tower and a simple bed, the elevated perch is the perfect place for your kitty to watch “Cat TV” and get some R&R, too. And, best of all, you won’t sacrifice any floor space.

cat in window-mounted cat bed furniture

This lightweight 12-by-23-inch cat furniture attaches firmly to your window with four industrial-strength suction cups so the cat can luxuriate from whatever height you choose—and you can save precious apartment floor space. The gray fleece cover is removable and machine washable. Have two cats? Check out the double-decker version of this perch.

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cat inside Cat Bubble window mount

This pod-style perch is the perfect cat furniture in apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows or windows with shallow sills. It sticks to the glass via strong suction cups and cats can enter from either end. It includes a soft inner bed for comfy snoozing and comes with a one-year limited warranty for extra peace of mind. It has no footprint at all, making it ideal for small spaces.

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kitty lounging on Art of Paws window shelf

This hammock-style wall-mounted wood shelf can be placed in your apartment at whatever level your cat prefers—it’s a great way to get the cat off your desk! You can install multiple shelves to create a complete cat climbing wall or to accommodate multiple cats. This cat furniture comes with both a fiber-type cover for scratching or a soft wool cover for napping. And it’s perfect for big kitties—it holds up to 33 pounds!

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Want more of this style of cat furniture? Check out our favorite cat hammocks and space-saving window beds, perfect for apartments and small spaces.

Litter Covers and Litter Box Furniture for Apartments

Nobody wants to see or smell the litter box, but it can be tough to get away from when you and your cat are sharing a small apartment. We think these enclosures and covered boxes that look like regular furniture can help.

cat litter box planter

You may be able to hide your cat’s litter box among your apartment’s plant collection. This durable pot will fool many visitors, and the size makes it a good choice for homes with multiple cats. Even your chonky kitty will fit in this one. if you’re handy, you could swap out the artificial foliage on top and install some cat-friendly grass.

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end table litter enclosure

There are several table-style enclosures for litter boxes, but we like this bench-style cat litter box enclosure because it’s a handy piece of furniture for just about any room in your apartment. It keeps your kitty’s litter box out of view (and safe from any dogs). When it’s time to clean, just lift the hinged top to access the litter box and the scoop in the adjacent compartment.

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pidan igloo cat litter box furniture

It’s a litter box that’s shaped like an igloo, with a built-in, step-up grate that helps keep the litter inside. This is a great piece of cat furniture for pets who like their privacy—and great for you because it comes in a palette of understated colors complimentary to most apartment decor.

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Curio litter enclosure

It’s a splurge, but it sure is a pretty piece of cat furniture. This sleek plywood box cover from Curio is a perfect modern apartment fit; put a pad on top for the cat or a plant and reading material for you. To access the box for cleaning, simply remove the nested lid. Use with your cat’s favorite litter box, or purchase the Curio Litter Liner designed for this enclosure. The wood has a water-resistant finish for easy cleaning.

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Featured image by Eric Han/Unsplash

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